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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the main difference between the CIA® Learning System Self-Study materials and the Instructor-Led courses?
The Instructor-Led courses combine the Self-Study print and online components with the leadership of a qualified instructor.  The qualified instructor enhances the learning environment by presenting the subject matter, facilitating interactive discussion, sharing real world examples, and being an on-going resource for professional development.  The instructor-led course materials also include a supplemental workbook, which is not available in the Self-Study materials.

2.  What is the best way to fit the CIA® Learning System Comprehensive Instructor-Led Courses into our busy work schedule?
The IIA’s CIA Learning system can be scheduled in parts over a period of time.  The recommended duration for the comprehensive format is typically 10 days in total and 6 days in total for the refresher format.   Dedicating one week twice a year, a couple days per month, or a couple days per quarter are just some ways the course can be scheduled.  The qualified instructor can help you establish a mutually beneficial course schedule that fits your organizational needs.

3.  What prerequisites are required for our CIA® Learning System training?
There are no prerequisites to take of our training programs other than a desire to learn more about the International Professional Practices Framework, which is the authoritative guidance for the internal auditing profession around the world.  Of course, our training will also better prepare you to sit for the CIA exam and hold the Certified Internal Auditor® designation. 

4.  What educational prerequisites are required for sitting for the CIA® Exam?
CIA® exam candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher degree) or its educational equivalent from an accredited college-level institution.  The applicants must meet the education requirement before their CIA application can be approved and before they can register and sit for any CIA exam parts.      

5.  What experience prerequisites are required for holding the CIA® designation?
CIA® candidates must obtain a minimum of 24 months of internal auditing experience or its equivalent.  Acceptable equivalent experience includes experience in audit/assessment disciplines, external auditing, quality assurance, compliance, and internal control.  A master’s degree or work experience in related business professions (such as accounting, law, or finance) can be substituted for 12 of the required 24 months of professional internal auditing experience. 

6.  Where do I take the CIA® exam?
Taking an IIA certification exam is more convenient than ever. IIA exams are offered through computer-based testing (CBT). This means that you will be able to take your exam in any one of more than 400 available testing centers around the world, in the exam language of your choice, at a time that is convenient for you!

7.  What are the professional conduct requirements to hold the CIA® designation?
To be eligible for CIA certification, an applicant must exhibit high moral and professional character and agree to abide by The IIA’s Code of Ethics. CIA candidates must submit a Character Reference Form completed by an IIA-certified individual, the candidate’s supervisor, or the candidate’s professor.


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